Style 3


Our sizing for Style 3 is the measurement the exhaust will slip over.

Example: Style 3 45mm exhaust will have a 45.5mm ID inlet to slide over headers that are between 44mm OD to 45mm OD

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Product Description

Stealth GP Exhaust - Style 3 1 piece design that is quieter than our popular SHORTY GP EXHAUST This design provides more back pressure than our Shorty GP Exhaust. Customers like you have requested for a quieter version of our exhausts and we have made it happen. Features: High quality chrome plating. 3 piece baffle design The length of this exhaust is 9" long. The body of the exhaust pipe is 2.375" OD. This compact stealth gp exhaust is a made to intimidate the competition. This exhaust provides ample sound at 95 decibels per 8000 rpm from a distance of 50 feet away. Features: No re-jetting or tuning necessary. Detailed install instructions included with purchase. *Due to different state regulations and emissions, this item is for off-road use only. Use at your own risk.